technology is increasingly present in our daily lives. While it is a convenient and readily available source of Information, it hinders our ability to think independently, to the point where in situations where without them, we simply don't know how to think of what to do. The unfortunate reality is that our generation is not equipped with the mindset needed to be successful. We reach for our phones before our thoughts. We are being trained to depend on devices instead of our memory. That’s a problem. We rely on the word of others instead of ourselves.

Are search engines thinking for you?

Unfortunately, the internet is wrought with rumors and inaccuracies. Communication via instant messaging and texting should be thought of as an abbreviated version face-to-face conversation, not a complete substitute. Without the use of emojis and ‘LOLs’ to replace the facial cues and tone of voice of conversation, messages are more difficult to understand.

Checking our phones has become an instantaneous afterthought of uncertainty, but are search engines thinking for us? Ask yourself this: how often do you use your phone to find answers or ideas? A lot, right? We let other sources tell us what to think, what's trending, what our ideas should be, and we don't hesitate to adopt their mindset.

Search engines are influencing today's generation and it is a slow, subtle way of pushing away our independence in favor of the latest new fad. It's dangerous.

Are we reusing the same ideas?

Many believe that having constant access to a technological device such as a cellphone cannot possibly do any harm. But what would we do without that continual stream of information?

We are less likely to remember things as a result of simply knowing that we can look it up. If you can't find what you are looking for on the internet do feel discouraged and give up? We rely too heavily on technology, diminishing our ability to retain information and persist even in times of doubt.

We depend on the thoughts of others, on the information already out in the world, and regurgitate them into media as a 'fresh, new perspective' in millennial pink.

It’s the same ideas circulating endlessly and redundantly. We are running on a hamster wheel of thoughts, blurring fact and fiction until truth descends into rumor. How often do we talk about stories we've read or celebrity scandals, scrolling when we should be thinking. Spending time playing games when we have work to do, a world to see, and people to meet is a like a black hole; it sucks us in and makes the virtual world seem much more colourful and interesting. Sometimes, we need to stop. We need to recognize that perfection is usually false and that technology cannot be used as a crutch for insecurity. We lean on what may or may not be true, what may or may not be real, and hope it is the truth.

Why do we need to change?

In a world plagued by war, famine, and climate change — imminent dangers threatening our survival — we need inventive minds more than we ever have before if we are to overcome these obstacles. Otherwise, we face the direst of situations that ultimately lead to our extinction.

It is not dramatic. It is not a new situation. Our lifestyles, our Dependency on technology, our inability to think independently- they all need to change. Immediately. Knowing the latest celebrity scandals and fashion trends just aren't going to help when we are faced with global dilemmas that aren't being fixed.