As almost any college students can attest to; going to school, working full-time, and managing social obligations can be a handful. Most times even overwhelming. Here is a look at the goings on in my head on a regular basis.

Welcome to my life

At the moment I'm a college student that resides in NYC working part to full-time hours in a sales environment and attempting to network and apply my way out of the cyclical hell that is retail existence. A crucial part of this is connecting with people and promoting just how dazzling one can be, while in all reality internally you're clamoring for the last strands of sanity or free time you can afford.

(Insert internal screaming gif)

Of all these things one of the most crucial parts is the resume and networking aspect. I’m young, ambitious, driven, and quite frankly, pretty confused; but no one can know, right? There's no road map for all this; and that is absolutely horrifying. Breaths of fresh air present themselves as random nights out. They usually happen on a weeknight when no respectable individual should have any business going out, but I work retail, and beggars can't be choosers. Also, the shorter the line at the bar during happy hour the better.

Wanting to get somewhere

Now back to the issue at hand, all this pressure is for a reason; if there weren't a sense of urgency we would all become complacent and never progress.

The native New Yorker in me knows the hustle like the back of their hand, yet the millennial and forward thinker in me knows there has got be more. But is there some big secret that every Midwestern child is taught from birth; that I have yet to acquire? A case of dueling identities so to speak. Also, not to mention dating and building hopefully lifelong connections with the best people in your friends groups.

Dating is a subject I will tackle on its own as I have lots of feelings about that, but that's for another time.

So here we are at the beginning of that journey; only time will tell which wins or if that combo and tenacity is what will get me exactly where I want to be. I have no idea where that is; but don't tell the publishers or let your employers catch on.

This is for you Lost children of the 90's just trying to find your way in this world, in one of the most difficult job markets to ever exist in one of the hardest cities to survive in. But, we have to be mindful of the outcome to make this happen for ourselves in the grand scheme of things.