Hey, Scorpios! Sunday is here, ready and waiting for you. Your smoldering sensuality was gifted to you by the planets for being born between October 23rd and November 21st. In today’s Daily Lovescope for Scorpio, the stars tell you that all that glitters is not gold.

What to expect

Singles: You usually think you can take on the world, with or without someone special. However, the stars put you to the test today. You realize that hey, having someone incredible to share your life with really isn’t that bad. Someone has adored you from a distance, and your approval means a lot.

Chances are they want to be someone special to you in more ways than one. Are you willing to take a risk? This pairing could turn out to be pretty spectacular.

If your rising sign is in the sign of Virgo, continuously seek passion: if an experience has been enjoyable, repeat it and you won't feel the bitterness of disappointment. Today those of the second decade may be fooled, believing in promises of love. But the game will be unmasked, and they'll soon go back to solitude once more.

Couples: Let your heart and mind work in tandem, and they'll tell you something about your relationship that you've been missing. Your internal torment rings alarm bells: you must think of either yourself or your partner.

Those born in the first decade will have to be really careful to avoid temptations as their partner is watching them. You have always loved strong sensations, and you can experience these to the utmost in your relationship. But, think carefully before letting yourself into turbulent relationships! Is a stable relationship worth giving up for a meaningless one night stand?

If you are in a relationship with a Taurean, show your desires clearly and succinctly, and your partner will satisfy these with care and attention. Those of you in a relationship with a Gemini should abandon traditional values from time to time: a little transgression doesn't harm anybody!

How to get through your day

Singles: It may not hurt to be a bit more careful with who you give your heart to.

Flings are endless, true love comes but once. Pay attention to who you allow into your life and what bits of your life you are sharing with them. Not everyone deserves a piece of you.

Couples: Today you may feel pulled between the various parts of your life, including the tension between your work and your relationship. Make your partner feel special and important, and you will find that both of you are more comfortable and happier together. If you want to be successful both professionally and personally, give as much focus to your partner as you give to your work today.

That’s it for today’s daily Lovescope for Scorpio. Thanks for checking out your reading and don’t forget to come back tomorrow and see what the stars will say. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!