If you're ever walking to work and find yourself thinking, "Gee. Most people walk courteously, except white women," your thoughts would be in line with New York Times writer Greg Howard.

Who is Greg Howard?

Back in the day, Greg Howard was an editorial intern at Esquire, contributing to weekly food blogs. Most notably, he wrote and reported on sports and culture for Deadspin.

Since March 16', Howard has been in the New York Times 'David Carr Fellowship' role, a position the Times describes as "an opportunity for a journalist still early in his career to build upon David's commitment to holding power accountable and telling engaging, deeply reported stories."

Be selective in your steps

In Howard's Times piece, he says, "In seven years of living and walking here [New York City], I've found that most people walk courteously - but that white women, at least when I'm in their path, do not."

He goes on to say that white women almost always force him into the street or the dirt, walking broad-shouldered and blissful.

Howard wonders if he should just walk straight into these ill-mannered women.

Just recently, the Times writer asked his friends if the same thing happens to them. The responses he got were that black men concur, but Asian men have no idea what he's talking about. This finds him pondering why only white women, not any other race or sex, are so hostile to black men when navigating the sidewalks.

He says that white males and black males will nod and steer clear of his path in passing, but white women are always engulfed in batches or babbling on their cell phones. This lack of courtesy is something they should clearly be aware of and a problem that needs to be addressed by others who've encountered the same.

Tucker Carlson and Jason Whitlock react

The Fox News host of "Tucker Carlson Tonight," who recently provided Max Boot with a rhetorical beating on air, had Fox Sports 1 host Jason Whitlock on to discuss.

Tucker on Howard:

"I thought this was almost a psychiatric statement when you start imagining that one class of people hate you, they don't even know you, on the sidewalk."

"If one of my employees wrote a piece like this about any group and says there is some racial group that hates me and each one of them is looking at me weird on the street, first of all I would pull the piece because I think it's an attack on an entire group, which is not allowed.

Second, I would say 'you need to go talk to somebody.' Why didn't the New York Times do that?" Carlson asked the Fox Sports 1 host.

Whitlock answered, "The NY Times is a lot of race-baiting. It's a diary entry attached to the brand of the NY Times and presented as if it's something we should take seriously."

Regarding Howard, Whitlock replied that he is "confused," saying Howard is obsessed with white women.

"Black men who are obsessed with white women, who sometimes date outside their race, find as a defense mechanism, for the criticism they take in the black community, is to try to be publicly anti-white," said Whitlock.