In the Matrix trilogy movies, the characters can choose between accepting the complicated reality they live or remain on a fantasy – Matrix itself. The pills in Matrix contextualize a harsh reality: what’s the word on global warming? Is it a result of modern lifestyle, or was this change destined to happen as a natural cycle of earth’s history? The American administrator of United States Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, proposes a debate on television where the red and blue team will present evidence and conclude.

The colors: Red or blue?

Again, the concept of colors also reminds of Matrix: in the film by taking the blue pill reality was denied, or acceptance came with the red one. In this case, the colors are reversed, but the idea remains – Pruitt can either choose a comfortable denial (with the red team) or a reality that will demand a drastic change on America’s energy grid (with the blue one). Not dependent on the administrator’s choice, science has made hers: more than 97% of the studies on global warming conclude that human interference has accelerated the process. And, in spite of that, the ongoing government is conducting studies which demonstrate the necessity of continuous use of coal and other non-sustainable sources.

Additionally, these studies are based on the concept of base load power source – basically, stations which can consistently generate the power needed to satisfy minimum demand (the minimum on an electrical grid over 24 hours). Historically, large power grids have used base load power plants exclusively. However, there is no specific technical requirement for this.

The requirement can also be reached by the appropriate mix of alternate and clean power sources, such as hydroelectric and wind.

The decision

In contrast to that, a major Department of Energy-funded two-year study from 2012 concludes that with technology and a more flexible electric system, renewable sources can supply about 80% of US use of energy.

Ultimately, it appears to be more a matter of choice and cultural changes than the actual maintenance of the power system – both pills are available, let’s decide to finally wake up from a dream. Are we to continue the path of denial and hope that the problem of Global warming will just fix itself or finally accept that since this is our home, and we should do something about it? And if we do decide, time is of the essence. We better decide now.