Those with disabilities have a more limited job pool to choose from, but there are organizations that are always willing to lend a hand to help them find Employment.

One such organization is, which is an online job site that has been helping people find work for 15 years. Mike Corso of said, “Our goal is to help as many people and veterans with disabilities find suitable employment.” Many other organizations and similar websites have the same mission.

The hardest part about reaching this goal for Corso is “educating the employers about our community.” He said, “So many employers fear hiring People With Disabilities.” They are a public charity, and they “do not ask for any help from our community.”

Arizona Department of Economic Security

Arizona Department of Economic Security is another organization that works to ensure the people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to work.

According to their website, “DES works with families, community organizations, advocates and state and federal partners to realize our collective vision that every child, adult, and family in the state of Arizona will be safe and economically secure.”

Mike Trailor, director of DES, is working with Governor Doug Ducey to implement the Arizona Management System in Arizona’s government and bringing a business side to politics in order to help those in need find jobs as well as affordable housing.


Another organization that works to help those in need find work is Ability360. They have many different departments throughout the organization and a specific one for employment services.

They offer "employment assistance and support services" to those with disabilities who are looking for work.

They provide services via the Ticket program and they are one of the biggest organizations to do so. Their staff members have experience with disability and Social Security benefits.

There are many other organizations that intend to help those with disabilities find a sustainable line of work and continue to support themselves for life, and not just for Arizona.

While there are still improvements that many would say need to be made when it comes to employment opportunities for those with disabilities, there are efforts being made by these organizations that focus on extending a hand to those who are reaching for one.