Hello, Libras! Sunday has greeted you in all its splendor! You entered this world between September 23rd and October 22nd making you find it difficult to say no to most people. In today’s daily Lovescope for Libra, we’re going to talk about taking a closer look at what is right in front of you.

What to expect

Singles: It’s time to play that fiddle of love! The strings to your heart could just be tugged at a concert, rock show, your niece's high school talent show-- so attend them all and keep your eye open for a cute lover who plays just your tune.

Sometimes, you’re so absorbed in your world that you let great opportunities pass you by. Don’t cry over spilled milk now, just don't waste any more time.

That person you’ve been ignoring the whole time? Give them a chance! If you were born in the third decade and wanted to quench your thirst for sex, tonight you'll have rare charm and sex appeal. This will help you make new, fascinating acquaintances.

Couples: Don't be too keen to solve this unfolding mystery in your relationship. After all, it's the surprises that keep things fresh between a couple. Just Remember, jumping to the wrong conclusion will only hurt matters. You'll have exceptional sexual energy today, and this will lead to a very passionate day with the person of your dreams.

If you belong to the third decade, you like stability, but some adventure from time to time can simply distract you from the Daily routine. Are you falling in love with a Taurean? Don't waste time pointlessly complicating your life: act without thinking and look after your appearance more! If you have a rising sign in the sign of Leo the atmosphere could get exciting: cast aside paranoia and let Eros transport yourself.

If you were born in the first decade and felt tired of everyday life, there's nothing better than planning a vacation far, far away. Traveling the world alone has its advantages.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love, you may find love in a most unexpected place today, coming from a long-standing friend. These emotions have been simmering for long and the time is fruitful for a relationship to blossom.

If you care for this person, then give this pairing some serious consideration, as you already have established trust and rapport with this friend. This could turn out to be a life-long partnership.

For the couples: A stormy day whereby you could make the mistake of discussing controversial and futile matters with your beloved. Don't be surprised if your bright eyes start singing 'turn around' to you, today. They need some attention -- and maybe a little guidance. This is no total eclipse of the heart!

That’s a wrap for today’s daily Lovescope for Libra. Best wishes for an incredible day and don’t forget to check your reading tomorrow to see what the stars have in store.