Hi, Aries! It’s Thursday! Between March 21 and April 19 you were born with an independent streak. Nice! Your daily lovescope for Aries, looks at responsibilities. Let’s see what the stars are saying.

What to expect

Singles: Losing your temper won't help you get rid of it, but it might cause your potential love interest to vanish! Stay calm. If you do run into the object of your affection, think carefully before you speak. Today you risk putting your foot in your mouth and we don’t want that, do we?

Take your time to get to know someone as you need to know exactly who you’re dealing with.

Better safe than sorry. Tonight you can expect seductive promises of love, love and even more love. Look forward to a fantastic evening!

Couples: You will feel on top of the world, with the energy from today's planetary alignment. Not only do you feel powerful and radiant, you also command the attention of others. Recent events show that you have started to see your sweetheart in a new light. Great! This newfound admiration will cause you not to take them for granted again!

Today's sky supports contacts and favors emotions. Everything will go smoothly unless your Ascendant is Pisces, in which case, avoid arguing with your partner, especially if you want a night of passion!

If you belong to the first decade, you'll feel insatiable sensations and emotions.

If your partner is a Libran, you can expect to feel unbridled passion tonight. Those with a Capricorn can also expect a naughty encounter.

Those of the third decade can expect an important encounter or many conquests, especially with Geminis and Virgos.

How to get through your day

For those of you who are single, fear not! Just be your amazing self and those on a similar wavelength will be attracted to your aura.

Today you will feel like enjoying yourself, so accept invitations and get your Aries groove on! Your sign knows how to have fun.

For those of you in a relationship, Aries, try to stay calm and direct in your words and actions. Heading out with your love will give you some time to relax and spend some quality time together. This will be a time of much joy and silliness, so keep the camera handy.

Journal your experiences for future reference and the chance to recoup incredible memories.

That’s it for today’s Lovescope for Aries. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check out your reading for tomorrow and don’t forget to like and share our readings!