Hello, Scorpios! It’s Thursday, and welcome to your horoscope for today, where we take a look at what you can expect and how to be in full control of your day. Here is what the stars are telling you for today:

What to expect

Today, Scorpio, the Moon's presence in Aquarius is exerting an energy that could bring you a lot of good luck in all spheres of life. Lady luck seems to be smiling on you today, as you will give it your all in your efforts at work which will reap bountiful rewards. The stars strongly indicate family togetherness as a major theme for today and advise that this is a good day to spend time with your family and friends.

Someone might try to argue with you, but unfortunately for them, they won’t have their facts straight. What can happen is that he or she could end up thinking the whole thing was really their fault. Add your level of intensity and emotional depth, Scorpio, and this person will seriously end up in the hot seat. It's best to warn any innocent bystanders to step aside before you begin.

If your partner is a Taurus, you can expect passion and sensual moments tonight that will leave you both satisfied and fulfilled. If you were born in the second decade, you can expect news and unexpected family events, which may create tension.

You’re the person people turn to the most whenever they want to share a secret, Scorpio.

There are several reasons for this -- first and foremost, it takes quite a bit to shock you. Secondly, you're considered to be one of the most loyal and trustworthy people in your circle, and you’ve got wisdom beyond your years to boot. Alas, you know that when a neighbor or sibling approaches you with that look on their face, you'll know immediately what they need from you.

Take some time to invite them in, make some coffee, and turn off the phone.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Scorpio, take advantage of the fact that it’s the weekend. Go ahead and make movie or dinner plans after a long day at work. Your lucky color for today is wine red.

Your strong intuitive rapport with someone who resides far away from you could create a desire to contact this person, Scorpio.

If that urge comes, make the move to reach out to them, as this person may be going through a positive transition in his or her life and is eager to share the news with you. This communication has the potential to bring you two closer together, so go for it. Just know in advance that whatever is happening with your friend could possibly spill over into your life in some way. Hey, if it’s good, it’s good, right?

When it comes to your love life, Scorpio, the stars advise you to forget the rivalry between you and your partner. Are you feeling claustrophobic? Try to find a little time for yourself. Go for a walk in the park -- find a way to appreciate the natural beauty around you.

Thanks for reading today’s horoscope for Scorpio. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s daily horoscope. Happy Thursday!