Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Leo. Are you dealing with a recent loss? Have you been wondering how to store up your finances and accumulate wealth? Astrologer Megan Wilson presents today's Daily horoscope, explaining what you can expect and how to go about your day. Read on to find out more.

What to expect

Things may look bleak on the surface, but take comfort in looking deeply at the issues. If you're not in any hurry to sell, then today's numbers should activate intuition, not panic. You know your limitations, plan carefully around them to be sure you put yourself in the best possible position.

Try not to be too disappointed if you recently learned that something valuable has been damaged or lost. This may have had great monetary value or great sentimental value, but either way, you have been feeling quite sad over this loss. Spend time with friends and family today in order to put into perspective the value that people have in our lives as opposed to our material possessions.

A dollar today, another tomorrow - in this way you can accumulate a fortune. The important thing is to not to act frenetically and want everything straight away. Today there's no point making risky investments. Those born in the first decade should take this advice - it'll be good to stay calm and not make any decisions, especially in investments.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Leo, you must temper your expectations. Yes, you know well that results take time, but you have felt lately that they are taking too long. Spend some time with your loved ones, talk about your expectations and theirs. This will help you keep things in perspective and allow you to see any loose ends you may have missed without a second pair of eyes.

Take the opportunity to get out of your inner world and help someone who needs it, giving something of yourself will allow you to see the bigger picture and remember what truly matters is not the material things you have been so avidly pursuing. Give your kind nature a chance to shine again, it has been sorely missing lately as you have followed your instincts into aggression.

You will find that a friend surprises you as you finally take the time to listen to the people around you, who you have been ignoring for way too long. Do not beat yourself up over this neglect, simply remedy the situation. A period of calm and self-reflection is well-deserved.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Leo. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check back again. We look forward to presenting you with tomorrow's horoscope. Have a great day!