Prime Minister Modi decided to meet President Donald Trump after he realized that most world leaders already met him He decided to make a quick visit to the US to meet Trump. The visit is slated for the 25th to 27th of June and will give Modi a chance to meet the US President. The Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Chinese president have both met Donald Trump. With both of these leaders having met Trump, Modi could not afford to not meet the president. News of his upcoming visit to the United States was reported by the Times of India.

Modi will be in the USA for 2 days and will meet the US President.

Trump is a world leader and Modi cannot ignore him. It will be a working visit without the trappings of a ceremonial visit.

Modi-Trump meeting

The meeting with Trump looks a little difficult. Trump has his own way with many international leaders. Presently the travel ban and the Russian connection are irritating him. This could affect his meeting with Modi. Trump had walked out of the climate accord and accused India of "extracting billions and billions and billions" from the western world in relation to said climate accord. Modi has ignored this remark for the simple reason that India needs the United States as a balancing force against China.

The Indian Prime Minister has a limited program in Washington.

The White House has slotted a meeting with Trump but the nuts and bolts of the meeting have not been specified. Trump has said nothing about it. This looks weird mainly because India had a close relationship with the USA during the period of Obama and Clinton. Despite this, Modi has decided to go ahead with the visit.

G20 summit

The two leaders are scheduled to meet during the G20 summit in Hamburg on July 7th and 8th. But, Modi wanted to meet Trump before that meeting He wanted to have a face-to-face meeting with him without too many leaders around. It's well known that the US President is an unpredictable man and Modi will have to keep his fingers crossed to see how the meeting with Trump progresses.

Last word

Modi had a close relationship with Obama -- who also attended India's military parade on Republic day. This is something which may not be to the liking of Donald Trump. It will be interesting to see how the visit of Modi pans out. In a way, Modi has delayed meeting the US President. Donald Trump is a man with an ego and Modi should have met the US President within the first 30 days of him taking over as president.