One thing is for certain. Both Hillary Clinton and the movie “Wonder Woman” are gifts that keep on giving for people who write opinion for a living. Now the two subjects have merged, thanks to the twice-failed presidential candidate comparing herself to the iconic DC Comics superhero who is the subject of a smash hit film in a video meant to honor actress Elizabeth Banks.

What did Hillary Clinton say?

Ms. Clinton stated, “But something tells me that a movie about a strong, powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley.” The only reaction to that statement is to stare wide eyed and open mouth at the audacity of it.

Why Clinton is no Wonder Woman

When comparing the all too real Hillary Clinton to the fictional Diana Prince, one does not first think about massive international disasters, but rather about rape enabling. The Amazonian princess would not, one suspect, react well to hearing what Ms. Clinton did to Kathy Shelton, a 12-year old rape victim who had the bad fortune to have been assaulted almost to death by one of the then Hillary Rodman’s clients. As for Bill Clinton, it goes almost without saying that he is no Steve Trevor.

About those massive international disasters

The other problem is that while in the movie Wonder Woman tries to end a massive international disaster, that being World War I, Hillary Clinton caused quite a few of them, from the mess in Libya and the Benghazi Massacre to the reset with Russia.

To be sure Hillary Clinton did not have to go toe to toe with an angry Greek god, something that would have ended quickly and not well.

In the movie, Wonder Woman successfully leads an assault across no man’s land and liberates a Belgium village beyond it, using her powers and magic weapons against machine guns and artillery.

Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that she ran from an aircraft to a hanger under sniper fire. Both were fictional, but only the first was at all believable.

What character does Hillary most resemble?

Ms. Clinton does look like a character in “Wonder Woman.” It’s not just the title one. Dr. Poison, the mad, resentful scientist who is cooking the ultimate weapon shares some qualities in common with the former secretary of state.

We do not know much about the character’s backstory, aside from the fact that she suffered a horrendous lab accident. But one would not be surprised that the root of her maniacal rage resides in being betrayed and humiliated by a man. Fortunately, the world did not need a superhero to stop Clinton.