The world needs to know this, right now, this very second. I am a Human Being. A person with a brain, emotional contrasts, and genitals. Whether it’s important to annotate that is beside the point. Nowadays, most are identifying with opposing genders (and the roles juxtaposed by them), the mixing of genders, the existence of “Asexuality” with a menagerie of other sustainable identities thrown into a cultural mixing blender. Don’t be surprised to find someone claiming to be an anthropomorphic donkey with bisexual tendencies that identifies as a toaster.

When I was a young warthog

Many years ago, I was the atypical “Jock." I played football, soccer, wrestling and was on the weight lifting team. I was the pride of my father’s loins and he was ever so glad to see his son pursue an avenue that he’s ventured in before many times over in his youth. But, just like a bad episode of Glee, I ended up trading in the jerseys and Letterman jackets for choir robes, staff paper and a pictograph of the circle of fifths. I transitioned to an arts high school (mainly at the behest of my dad wanting to see his first born get a full paid scholarship to college) and was in complete culture shock.

There's no crying in baseball

What I’m trying to say here is that regardless of the hardened military background I had come from, one thing I did learn (even as a military brat and eventually active duty myself) is while its typically described as a “Boys club” and there’s still a staunch Anti-LGBT sentiment, that change is inevitable and exposure to things outside of a comfort zone is to be expected and embraced.

Around the time I was starting to transition from military service to civilian, the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy (one that has costed hundreds of thousands of service members their careers) had been repealed, allowing over 60,000 service members to not only maintain their careers, but also their relationships.

My Mommy is My Daddy, Too

But this goes beyond the institution of sexual preference. Beyond what is viewed at a relationship level between one person to the other, there’s also a change in Gender Roles that’s occurring that is actively occurring each day. Doesn’t matter who’s gay, straight, bisexual or a peach cobbler, the idea of identifying who’s “Head of Household” has changed hands over and over for the past few decades if not more.

For example, in the case of a straight male and female copulation that’s resulted in a family dynamic that’s seeing the previous generation roles of the Man being the bread winner and the Woman rearing and caring for the children and home reversed.

And together now

But who am I to judge? I’m no better than the rest of the other statistics in the world out there. Being a single dad with little to no luck finding sustainable employment beyond that of hiring agencies, I’m no better than those that rely on welfare checks and subsidized housing to carry on with their day to day. We’re all pawns in the world of elites.