Air Force Colonel Kristen Goodwin will be nominated as the commandant of the US Air Force Academy. Her nomination is an atrocity according to The Foundation for Moral Law—a hate group headed by Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.

His wife, Kayla, wrote a letter to Defense Secretary James Mattis expressing her disdain for a lesbian—ungodly—woman to hold such a position. It also appears that Mrs. Moore is vastly unaware of politics. She mentions in this letter that millions of voters for Trump hope that he will dismantle the ungodly policies of the previous administration.

Interestingly, President Trump is in the midst of appointing an openly gay U.S. diplomat to the role of Ambassador.

Kayla Moore’s bio indicates that she is part of a group that wants to expose those “who seek to hide America’s history as a Christian nation.” Just a little update: America’s historical foundations are laid upon the carcasses of an indigenous population that was raped, pillaged, and assimilated in the name of the god that she worships. In case you are wondering, I am referring to Native Americans.

A letter to Mattis

Speaking of a Christian nation, reportedly, the Moore’s son had spent several stints in prison—approximately eight visits—in the past five years. Why worry about the military’s functionality when your son cannot even follow man’s law or conduct himself like a god-fearing citizen?

Enough about the Moores’ personal lives, here is a copy of the letter sent by Mrs. Kayla Moore:

Dismantling myths about homosexuality

Scientific research conducted at Yale indicates that “currently, homosexual behavior has been documented in over 450 different animal species worldwide.” Mrs. Moore’s accusations that homosexuality is not natural and that if affects military unit cohesion and military capability are mere speculations by religious zealot's unsubstantiated ideologies and fairy tales.

The only unit cohesion that is disturbed is disturbed due to rampant internalized sexism in the military subculture and the disdain for anything feminine or anyone that is supposed to be feminine that is not aligning with their gender prescription—like being a lesbian.

I do not see Mrs. Moore going after Army General Randy Taylor or any other male homosexual official; most likely because deep rooted sexism often exists between women.

It is assumed that Mrs. Moore must be bored because she is currently not involved in an actual military operation; it must be appropriate for her to disrupt the good order and discipline of the military with her outlandish letters and peanut-gallery behavior.

Military policy allows gays

Mrs. Moore is a little late in her accusations that homosexuals create unacceptable risks in the military—in fact, she is about six years late. According to the “Don't Ask, Don't Tell' – the US military's 18-year ban on openly gay and lesbian service personnel – has officially been repealed.

The Pentagon said that allowing homosexuals to openly serve would not harm military readiness, unit cohesion or recruiting and retaining members.

I guess Mrs. Moore has vast experience regarding military policy; her military expertise and sacrifice to her country must supersede that of policy makers and actual military members that are serving.

Of note, the Moores’ page indicates that they rely on donations to “fight for this nation’s freedom.” Ironically, they are trying to take away those freedoms from the brave men and women that are currently doing what the Moores were too cowardly to do—actually serve in the military and truly fight for our country’s freedom. Sit down Mrs. Moore, read your bible, and let the big girls take charge so that our military can be stronger.