Elon Musk has had enough of President Trump's contempt for the environment and has left the Trump's business advisory group. Within hours of President Trump's decision to formally exit the Paris Accords, Elon Musk decided that he had gone way too far, and put distance between himself and the President.

The Paris Accords are well liked internationally, and they enjoy popular support from both developed and developing nations. The policy actions President Trump has taken foreshadowed this recent move, but many people may not have thought he would go through with it.

It is clear that the President only cares about making money for his supporters, and he could care less about the environment. This puts the US in a very awkward position in the international areas, where they stand out as being extremely irresponsible.

Reckless behavior

Elon Musk is a risk taker, but it would appear that he draws the line at self-destructive acts of depravity. Up to this point he has been willing to engage Trump&Co. in a professional capacity, but the exit from the Paris Accords was too much for him to bear. It isn't hard to see why Mr. Musk would be put off by such a dangerous move, especially with the environmental fallout that is sure to follow.

Donald Trump is doing business from the Oval Office, and some of the most immoral groups in the United States are backing him up.

The Heritage Foundation is a major supporter of Trumpian policies, and we have no idea how deep that rabbit hole may go.

It is clear that short-term profit will come first in the USA, and any other factors simply won't be considered. Even if it means a grave danger to public health, or the future of the nation One focus of the Trump administration is the removal of safeguards that protected public health, and many of the related laws that took decades to put into place

Elon Musk is a part of the solution

Elon Musk has demonstrated his dedication to building a world that isn't run by entrenched economic interests.

Tesla is a radically new idea, and in addition to being the world's first electric car brand, the innovations that Mr. Musk has created in the Gigafactory are truly groundbreaking.

The solar power systems that Tesla uses are an outstanding example of what innovation can achieve, and Trump&Co. have no idea to fit new ideas into their tired old ideas.

The future that Elon Musk is working to create isn't one where people are subject to dangerous fossil fuels and myopic business interests. Donald Trump isn't interested in social development, or working to foster energy generation that will yield intergenerational advantages for both the nation, and the world.