Boston Celtics' season ended in game five of the Eastern Conference Finals as they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers will now face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals while the Celtics will look to the future and give their best to improve for the next season. They have the first overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft and are looking to sign a big-time free agent.

The NBA Draft

Many analysts have the Boston Celtics taking Washington point guard Markelle Fultz in the 2017 NBA Draft. Fultz, however, might not be drafted by the Celtics as they have an option to keep the draft pick or trade it for a star player.

Either option is good and it's definitely a win-win situation for the Celtics.

Furthermore, they could also trade their pick to another team for even more picks. The Celtics are in a great position to add quality young talent to their roster and become a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference.

Trade Isaiah Thomas

Boston Celtics lost isaiah thomas in game two of the Eastern Conference Finals to a hip injury. Despite the injury, the Celtics were able to take game three from the Cavs. Right now, they are in a tough spot with Isaiah Thomas as the point guard has shown that he can play at high level in the NBA, but his defense is a liability.

Thomas was one of the top players in the NBA this year and was one of the best clutch players.

He has a friendly contract that could make him a valuable piece for a big star-studded trade and the Celtics could also include their number one pick with Thomas to get teams interested.

Free Agency

Boston will have a chance to sign a big-time free agent this offseason with their $30 million cap space. One of the star players they could sign is Gordon Hayward.

The signing would make a lot of sense for both parties since the Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is familiar with Hayward because he coached him at Butler.

If they sign Hayward, the Celtics will have to do something with Jae Crowder, but the addition of the star forward would be a big step in the right direction for Boston.

Another thing they could do is to sign Blake Griffin. This signing could be huge for them as the Celtics were near the bottom of the league in terms of rebounding on both sides of the court. The addition of Griffin would help the rebounding and give them a legit scoring threat in the post.

Boston Celtics have the control over their future and, if this offseason goes well, they could become one of the most dangerous teams in the NBA next season.