When I was a junior in High School I didn't receive much advice about how my Senior Year would go and how to get through it. There are so many things I wish I knew on my first day of my senior year in high school.

Being popular isn't everything

As teenagers, most of us have this dream of being popular in school and having a large amount of friends. In reality, the majority of people you associate with in high school will no longer be in your life throughout college. We become so wrapped around being popular that we forget the true meaning of high school: getting educated.

Now, I'm not saying having a social life isn't important, because it is. High school is the last few years of your childhood before college, work, and before life really starts. Friends are extremely important, but remember having three true friends is way better than having eighty friends who you can't really trust.

Don't wait 'til the last minute to find a college

As a teenager, I waited until the last possible second to find a college that really worked for me. That was a very large mistake on my part. The end of your sophomore year is when you should really look into colleges and which ones could be possibilities for your future.

College is where you'll spend at least two or four years of your life, so it's important to make the right choice.

Start making a list of potential colleges and weigh out the pros and cons of each to find the true perfect fit for you. I know it's stressful, but take it one step at a time. Always remember that your mental health is more important than anything else in high school.

College isn't as scary as everyone says it is. It's a huge change to your life and I think that's the scariest part of it all, but college itself isn't that scary.

It's like a new adventure. While college is very important, your senior year is important as well.

Many teenagers believe that their grades don't matter during your senior year, but that is very false. While colleges may not zone in on your grades during your senior year, they still weigh heavily on your acceptance into a certain college or degree.

If you have straight A's then slack off your senior year and get straight C's, that won't look too good for your high school transcript.

Drop anyone who doesn't see your worth

It's as simple as that. If someone doesn't support you or see how great you are, then why keep them in your life? We all deserve caring friends who are there for us no matter what is happening in your life. You have to learn to follow your dreams because you're the only one that will be living your life and you only have one life to live. If someone doesn't believe you can do something, then you go and prove them wrong.

So many people are quick to drag us down when we fail, but only a few people are there to congratulate us when we succeed.

If someone doesn't see your worth, then you have to find new friends who will.

I know making friends can be a scary thing, but it's much better than having fake people in your life. You have nothing to prove to anyone and as a teenager, you have to realize your self worth. Loving yourself is way more important than having someone else love you. We all have to learn to love ourselves before we allow others to love us. That's what breaks up so many relationships which leads me to my next point...

High school relationships aren't everything

Teen dating can be a very healthy thing that can lead to happiness, love, and in some cases even long term relationships. While it can feel amazing to be in a relationship, teen dating isn't everything.

So many of us put dating before work, education, and our friends and family. The most important thing about high school is getting an education, meeting new people, and trying new things. High school friendships can last a lifetime. I see so many teenagers putting their new boyfriend or girlfriend before all their friends and that really isn't the best decision to make. Your friends have been there for you through it all, so don't ever ignore them or lose focus on them.

Remember, dating is not everything. I've only dated two girls in my lifetime and some people find that very odd, but I don't. I don't want to enter the dating world just because I'm a teenager. I want to focus on my career and my life and then focus on dating when the right girl comes along.

Always make some personal alone time

While being social is very important, it's still great to take time each week to be alone and to reflect on our life and goals. I usually take a few hours per week to sit down and just think about life. During your senior year, we all want to party, have fun, and go places twenty-four seven and that's fine, but we have to make time for ourselves too. I would take a few hours a week and just relax. Take a breather from the stresses of being a teenager.

Sit down and think about college, your goals, and your future. We do our best thinking while we are alone and away from the outside world. Just take a few minutes here and there to just take a break from the outside world, trust me it's a good idea! As a closer, remember these three points. Make friends who you can trust, don't lose focus on your education and your grades, and lastly always make time to put you first.