The war in Afghanistan has been going on since 2003. The US intervened at that time to overthrow the Taliban government in Kabul. In a swift battle, the Taliban government was thrown out but the US did not pursue the advantage. A few of the think tank thought that they could negotiate with the extremist group and bring them around to reason. This is not happening and as things stand the Taliban control almost 50% of the Afghan countryside. They are responsible for the death of over 2000 US service personnel. A section of the Taliban often referred to as the Haqqani faction is supported by Pakistan.

They are the ones who have floated the theory that negotiation with theTaliban could lead to a solution of the Afghan problem. This is not borne out by facts on the ground. Perhaps by not recognizing this fact, the United States is committing a blunder. The US dropped the mother of all bombs on the on the ISIS holed up in the eastern mountains. They have made finishing the Islamic State their number one priority. The fact is that the Islamic State is a minor player in Afghanistan and the major opponent of the Kabul regime is the Taliban, whose leader Mullah Omar was given refuge by the Pakistan government.

The USA and the Taliban

The Taliban is a creation of the CIA. This was during the occupation of Afghanistan by Russia during the eighties.

A film of that period in the Rambo series started with a quote that it was dedicated to our friends the Afghan Mujahideen who are battling the Soviet Army. Subsequently, this was quote was deleted. Perhaps the United States still has a hangover of that period and is not going after the Taliban.They are still hoping that they can have a negotiated settlement with them and the Kabul government will share power with them.

Observers on the ground have commented that this policy is a big mistake and believe that the Taliban will never agree to share power and their aim is to defeat the United States and overthrow the Kabul government. The recent attack in Afghanistan In the North when over 150 soldiers were killed is a pointer to the thinking of the Taliban.

Donald Trump and priorities

Donald Trump is a man of action and he has now decided to commit more troops to Afghanistan. The US will have about 5000 additional troops in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, to defeat the terŕor group this is too small a number. The enemy knows the countryside and is adapted to guerrilla warfare. To defeat them the US will require a different strategy. The first part if this strategy is to neutralize Pakistan. Many Chiefs of staff has commented adversely on the role of Pakistan. One hopes that Donald Trump will get his act together in Afghanistan and target the Taliban and its benefactor Pakistan.This is a priority.