gambling. It's a divisive topic in the United States with attackers and supporters on both sides. Casinos are some of the biggest profit drivers in the world and are invested in encouraging people to gamble. They're also huge sources of tax revenue, as Maryland has found out after the successful construction of MGM National Harbor. But those big shiny gleaming buildings also serve as ammunition for those people who have a gambling problem.

Addicted to Gambling?

If you search gambling degenerate stories on the internet, thousands of results are returned.

There's a reason for that. One kid takes $10 and turns it into $250. Eventually it becomes more than $1000. One day, that kid gets in over his head and loses it all. Heartbroken, he deposits again in an effort to get "unstuck," and back to his original bankroll. Unfortunately, this destructive cycle can continue and players can lose a lot of money.

And when it does continue, it has a negative impact on life. More time is spent gambling and less time is spent with friends and family. If a person runs out of money, he can sometimes go into debt just to keep gambling. These debts can restrict someone from living life and get them in serious trouble. Gambling can become a serious addiction, and it's important to recognize that as an individual.

Gambling Success Stories.

Of course, there are instances of times when people win money at the casino. Maybe you win $1000 playing roulette. Perhaps you win a few hundred playing Blackjack. In spite of this, the truth is that, Long Term, the house is the only one that wins. The more someone gambles, the more that person is guaranteed to lose.

The one game where that doesn't hold true is poker, which has an undeniable level of skill. Professional players like Daniel Negreanu, Doug Polk, and Fedor Holz have turned the game into a living. It can be done. But becoming as successful as these men requires a huge investment in studying and a lot of work.

And for every success story, there are countless examples of people who have failed.

Where do you think these professionals get their money from? It's taken from weaker players who have a dream of one day becoming the next Chris Moneymaker, an amateur who won the World Series of Poker.


Gambling once in a while isn't a problem. When it becomes a lifestyle choice, then it becomes a problem. Unless you have put in the hours and studied the game of poker, you will lose in a casino. And no matter how much you believe in the number 5 in roulette, long term, the odds are completely stacked against you. Gambling Degenerates who are reading this: Please stop. Get help. You can break this habit. And if you have a friend who could be considered a gambling addict, find help for him/her.