I am so frustrated with the numerous tactics that are being used to undermine President Donald J. Trump and his administration. These continuous leaks are doing nothing more than harm the American People and America's reputation abroad. From alleged Russian collusion to giving away classified information, to a request to obstruct justice -- my head spins daily.

Russian President Vladimir Putin describes the reaction of the U.S. to the allegations that Trump gave away classified information to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as "political schizophrenia." President Putin has offered to provide members of the Senate and U.S.

Congress with a copy of the minutes from their meeting, thus, solidifying the negative impact all of these accusations are having on America's reputation.

The elusive Comey memo

All of the speculation related to the memo written by former FBI Director James Comey is taking its toll on avid Trump supporters, including myself. Every few days there is something new thrown out there for the American people to ponder: For many, no evidence is necessary. However, I would like to address a few of the things that I find wrong with this latest accusation.

Firstly, let's assume for one moment that President Trump did request that Director Comey end the investigation into Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Do we truly believe that President Trump would then fire Director Comey (after President Trump asked Comey to perform this "illegal act" for him)?

Secondly, in the event that this question was asked and the memo does exist, why didn't Director Comey inform the Department of Justice (DOJ) about this illegal request made by the President?

But the question remains, where is the evidence? Why don't all of these anonymous sources step out into the light and bring forth the evidence they claim to have?

Why not eliminate political parties altogether?

We, the American people hire the individuals who sit up there in Washington collecting our tax dollars and then shoving our hard-earned money down the drain.

I am pleading with the people of this country to wake up and quit electing individuals who are doing nothing to help us. If our elected officials truly do intend to fight everything President Trump attempts to do, how does that help anyone? Nothing will change: We will continue down the path of destruction as our manufacturers move to other countries that offer them lower taxes and cheaper labor.

I don't care which political party an individual identifies with; every U.S. citizen should be an American first. I would love to eliminate the parties altogether and just have people who want to make a difference running for office.

President Trump is actually trying to keep his promises to the American people so I just do not understand why an American would be unhappy with a President who is working so hard to put Americans first.

That said, I will not sit here and say that I agree 100 percent with everything the president does or says; however, I do believe that he is trying to make a difference for people like me.

As an American, what do you want?

It takes a very strong individual to deal with all of the accusations that have been thrown at the president. It seems as if everything that he does is placed under a microscope for examination.

As an American, what do you want:

  • Do you want lower taxes?
  • Do you want a healthcare system that actually works for everyone, not just a select few?
  • Would you like to bring jobs back to America?
  • What about protecting our country? The Vatican has an enormous wall surrounding it - obviously as a means to protect the people inside: Don't Americans have a right to be protected as well?

Fame and fortune

Donald Trump already has Fame And Fortune: The Trump family probably has enough money to purchase anything they want for the rest of their lives, their children's lives, grandchildren's lives as well as the lives of numerous future generations.

In my opinion, the only reason Donald J. Trump ran for the highest office in the land was to help people like me.

My apologies to the Trump family

In conclusion, I have an enormous amount of compassion for President Trump and his family: They do not deserve the way they are being treated. I would like to say thank you to President Trump and the entire Trump family for putting up with all of this upset, negative media and stress for the American people: Including those who didn't vote for him and continue to riot in the streets.