President Donald Trump was elected about eight months ago and has been president for less than four months. But. According to the Hill Newspaper, the White House has decided that it is not too early to think about 2020. The Team Trump views Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass as their most likely opponent in three years. Warren has lots of popularity with the left wing of the Democratic Party, combining the radical politics of her fellow senator, Bernie Sanders, and the gender identity that Hillary Clinton tried to ride to the Oval Office, as it turns out to no avail.

Warren has been a frequent critic of Trump’s policies. In return, the president has reserved his most acidic ire for the fiery senator. He constantly refers to Warren as “Pocahontas,” a reference to her false claim of having Native American heritage. Trump’s obvious tactic is to try to neutralize Warren as an out of touch liberal who used racial identity politics for both political and financial advantage. The idea is to make Warren the face of the modern Democratic Party to marginalize it among red state and blue collar voters.

Warren has been coy about running for president in 2020. Before she can even think about doing that, she has to win reelection to the Senate. A recent poll in deep blue Massachusetts revealed that only 44 percent of Warren’s constituents favor her reelection with 46 percent wishing she would retire.

Depending on one sort of candidate Republicans recruit Warren may have a job keeping her seat, especially if Republicans succeed in repealing and replacing Obamacare and passing tax reform.

If Warren survives next year, she has a pretty decent shot at winning the Democratic nomination, if she wants it. The bench among the Democrats is remarkably thin, due to the number of down-ballot office holders who have been involuntarily retired to the private sector during the Obama years.

High profile potential candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are too old and too stale. Other possible candidates, barring a surprise breakout performance such as Bill Clinton’s in 1992, do not have enough national stature to compete with Warren or, strictly speaking, Trump in the general election.

A Trump vs.

Warren presidential contest has every potential of being a nasty one. Trump has never been gentlemanly with women he finds to be annoying. Warren, in turn, believes Trump to be everything she finds to be vile and contemptible. Neither politician is likely to hold back in a contest for the presidency of the United States. The race will be at once bloody and aggravating.