The DCEU began its film universe back in 2013 with the release of "Man of Steel" directed by Zack Snyder. The franchise since has expanded with the 2016 releases of "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad" directed by Zack Snyder and David Ayer, respectively.

Both films had huge hype surrounding them because it would be the first time that the two most popular comic book characters (Superman and Batman) would be in the same live action movie. Suicide Squad was a bit more of an obscure concept but many DC fans were excited to finally see the live action version of Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie.

Fans were equally as ecstatic when it was announced that Jared Leto would play the iconic character of the Joker. Both films looked like they were destined to be great entries into the DCEU universe, but the hype might have been too much to overcome.

What Rotten Tomatoes has to say about the films

Rotten Tomatoes has destroyed the DC films to no end. "Batman vs Superman" and "Suicide Squad" got a 27% rating and 32% rating, respectively. "Man of Steel" is their highest rated film at 55%, but even that is still pretty low for a major studio like Warner Bros.

What does that say about the quality of the films? It should be mentioned that critics will still say good things about the films even if they give it a bad score.

It really is more like a yes or no question if they liked it or not.

Although if this is the case it still looks bad on the side of Warner Bros. for various reasons that I won’t get into, but ultimately it’s up to Warner Bros. to figure out this situation they are dealt with.

How the future films will fare?

We have no clue if the future slate of DC films will be better or worse than its predecessors.

I would hope that Warner Bros made the right steps in figuring out why these movies are not being welcomed by all fans and critics.

I still believe in the future films because of Geoff Johns, the head of production at DC films, who has had a huge impact in both DC comics and DC TV shows being so successful in recent years.

"Wonder Woman" and "Justice League" will be released later this year in June and November, respectively.

If these movies are not well received then what does Warner Bros. do? What will happen with "Aquaman", "Flash", "Cyborg", and the rest of the scheduled DC films?

I would find it hard to believe that Warner Bros. would officially shut down the DC Extended Universe at any point in time. In all reality who knows what will happen to the future of the DC universe. There is still a possibility that when it finally hits its stride, it could be the best superhero film franchise ever when it is all said and done.