Happy Friday, Geminis! In today's daily horoscope, we’ll be talking about moving on. As a Gemini, you were born between May 21 and June 20.

What to expect

Today, Gemini, fortune will finally cross your path. Someone who was part of your past and that you no longer had to see again, remembers you for your great professionalism. The elders of your family will spend a few days a little indisposed, but do not worry, it will be a matter of little time and the recovery will be complete. Today, you will feel openness to a new friendship that will appear in your path.

Sometimes you tend to stay in a certain social circle.

Today is the day to begin to smile and to look positively at the problem that may be affecting you.Your personal desires and feelings have a greater impression on your conscience. However, this will not bother you, it will make you feel more attuned to yourself. Since you are directly connected with your soul, some confusion and irritation will arise. Your home life is now more important than ever and you could make or receive visits.

Your health could be affected if you do not take care of yourself. It is important that you begin to see the positive aspects of your life. It is not good for you to hold so much a grudge against the person you were with in the past.

It is likely that he or she will speak to you again today or have a fleeting encounter on the street, which will bring you many memories. It's time to forgive and forget. Stop thinking that we spend our lives in a valley of tears! Keep in mind that no one can put up with bitter, complaining people.

Thanks to the transit of Mercury, it is very possible that today stands out in the practice of some sport.

Take advantage. You will feel content and protected by your partner. That will give you the much needed security. Do not neglect the calls of your heart. Laziness might be causing you to feel discouraged and lacking in stimuli, disheartened, hopeless and without natural energy. Try to get out of this vicious circle, and return with energy and concentration on daily tasks.

It will be a journey to recover the vital energy that moves mountains and defeat impossible obstacles.

It's time to set your feelings in order, Gemini. Stop pacing around! Today it is better to stay in your house and dedicate to cleaning it, fixing the garden or just to rest. In love, the Twins need to feel full and free.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Gemini, If there is something that lends itself to improving your work, it is all that has to do with communication issues. Sometimes it becomes complicated for you to make yourself understand what gives rise to confusion. For this day, try to take care of your health -- the changes of time can affect your airways and leave you weak for a few days.

If you are farsighted you will not have any problems.

Your partner will want more attention from you and even if you find it difficult to level the times, you must give him the attention he or she needs. It is time to get more involved in your relationship or decide if you take the big step with the person of your interest.

Thanks for reading your daily horoscope for today, Gemini. Have a great weekend!