Hey Capricorn, in your daily horoscope for Capricorn, let’s talk about taking advantage of new opportunities. Capricorn natives are born between December 22 and January 19.

What to expect

After a period of great nervous excitement, you will spend a quiet and relaxed day today, Capricorn. A few relaxation exercises would help. The week has passed with certain financial movements that you are not going to find benefits at the moment. An approach to your partner, who lately does not really want to talk, would not come at all bad. You are letting go of the opportunity to fulfill a dream that you have had since childhood.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet someone new -- it is very likely that you are paying attention to what you left in the past, which takes away the desire to embark on a new path with someone very good. For those of you who have been in a relationship for some time, try to save money from today to be able to realize the dreams that both of you have been longing for quite some time.

Family issues tend to intensify at this time, and will continue for the next three weeks. This emotional intensity is the result of a great planetary change taking place today. Do not be surprised if all your relationships take on a more intense tone. You might discover that people are more emotional than usual.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Capricorn, it is important that you try to relate to your circles of friendship and try not to lose touch with any of them. This will help you to forget your problem.

Try to stay away from gossip because they could hurt you -- it is possible that others see you as a target of criticism, so try to get away from these people and do not feel obliged to enter into any criticism.

Today is the day when you must promise yourself that you will do your best to put aside the fears and take the option you have been waiting for. You understand your feelings, but you cannot deal with their irrationality. Your mind knows what should be done, but your feelings prevent you from acting sensibly. Accept your feelings since they can not be changed.

Seek peace in solitude and decide whether you want to heed your feelings or your mind. Keep in mind that love is to keep growing and to live more fully. Do your part and you will begin to live a very good stage with your partner in which you will understand each other and support each other to a greater degree. Accept the person you love for who they are.

That’s it for today’s daily horoscope for Capricorn. Thanks for reading. Please share this message with a fellow Capricorn and have a wonderful day!