Hello, Aquarians! It's Monday, and in today's daily horoscope for Aquarius, we're going to talk about those decisions that you'll be making. Those who birth dates fall between January 20 and February 18 are born under the sign of Aquarius.

What to expect

Today, Aquarius, it is possible that you'll be falling into a routine that might affect your sentimental life. A painful moment may be affecting your life, and it's time to start going over it. You need to have more time to heal your wounds, Aquarius -- and you have the wisdom and the courage to do it.

You begin to feel very alien to the environment around you. You are taking little awareness of your actions, and you are not seeing what life is offering to you. You could end up realizing that the person you are with is not what you need, and if this happens, you should always go with the truth and not let the other person suffer. If in this case, the roles are reversed, which is likely, it takes the time to recover and be alone.

A person who is dear to you is going through a bad time, so do not stop advising or supporting. With today's astral configuration, the emphasis is on social recognition and professional importance. For the month ahead, you can expect to make significant progress in your career regardless of the challenges you face.

You will be reaping the fruits of all times, the attention and concentration you have invested in your work.

You feel a bit out of place. Imminently, you could get sick. In any case, you do not feel in full physical shape. Take care of yourself by taking a well-deserved rest and releasing yourself from the maximum possible tension.

Go home early and prepare a good meal, to be with friends or family, which will bring you more strength.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, do not let the opinions of others influence in such a radical way in your day to day life. Nobody knows what you want and what you need better than you do. When making decisions today, do not improvise.

Stick to your choices. Be more active.

Bring people who are near and dear to you into your space. Or, go and visit them. Do whatever you can to make yourself feel comfy and at home.

Take note overall

Overall, Aquarius, you can expect to see great progress in your life, especially in your career. Perhaps it's time to say 'goodbye' to certain things or people. In any case, the stars challenge you to stick to your decisions.

That’s it for today’s daily horoscope. Please be sure to check your horoscope for tomorrow. Share this reading with someone and have a great week ahead!