Donald Trump is scheduled to meet Xi Jinping, the President of china, in Mar-a-Lago resort, Florida, and among the points to be discussed would be the attitude of North Korea about its nuclear programs. However, even before they have met, President Trump has announced if China hesitates to take the decision to coerce North Korea into submission, America would take necessary action.

Trump is impatient

Sky News reports that the agenda for the proposed meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping covers a wide range of subjects like trade, territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the aggressive posture of Pyongyang and its provocative nuclear tests.

While talking to the media, Trump has affirmed that discussions will be there on North Korea and, since China is its ally, it can play a major role in decision making. Trump has gone on to add that it is up to China to take the final call and, the decision should be a favorable one which would defuse tension.

In the opinion of President Donald Trump, trade is the lever that China can use to ensure the cooperation of North Korea. His impatience is evident when he drops the hint that the United States could handle North Korea single-handedly if that becomes necessary. However, he did not elaborate on how he plans to do that.

The dilemma of Donald Trump

During his talk with a section of the media, Trump cautioned that America has changed and, unlike in the past, it would not disclose its plan or strategy and, repeat the mistakes it committed in the Middle East.

There is no doubt that diplomatic and economic support from China is crucial for the survival of the Pyongyang regime, but, Beijing continues to insist that the scope of its influence is limited.

Efforts made by the UN to put a leash on the nuclear tests by North Korea did not have the desired result and, it has continued with its defiant attitude by conducting two nuclear tests and two dozen tests of ballistic missiles last year.

Before becoming the President, he had spoken out in China and, had threatened to raise the level of import taxes apart from declaring China, a currency manipulator. However, once in the chair, the perception is bound to change and, the leader has to tread with caution. It remains to be seen just how Donald Trump will prove his point.