trump has shelled out a lot of negative statements against china and Russia. Insults and military actions tensed up the relationship between the three superpowers and a single wrong move can start a hot war. In the event of Trump starting a war, how can the US win?

Pentagon will deploy massive amounts of jamming equipment

Almost all modern aircraft, missiles, and ICBMs rely on computers, GPS, and radar to locate targets. A strong and effective jamming system is America’s only hope. US airspace is inundated with surveillance systems and using jamming devices to temporarily delay enemy advance is America’s preliminary defense during a war.

Jamming is achieved not by reducing the enemy’s radar ability, but to overload it with all sorts of signals making it impossible for modern jets and missiles to locate their target. The US military relies heavily on the ALQ-99 jamming system, which has protected America since the 1970s.

Is the initial jamming system enough to defend America from sudden attacks?

The honest answer is 'maybe.' America has a vast area to defend which is why these jammers are carried by EA-18G Growlers, special jets made for electronic warfare. However, this jamming system is decades old and technological advances have made breakthroughs in both offensive and defensive technologies. It is prudent to assume that Russia has developed something that can override this system and may share it with China if war does break out.

Possible flash points where Trump can start war with China or Russia

Russia has been frequently sending its bombers close to the Alaskan border and is constantly being intercepted by US jet fighters. China is priming up its missile defense and air force as tension between North Korea and the US worsens. Japan has sent several warships to join the US naval contingent in Korea.

North Korea on the other hand, vows to make a "super-mighty preemptive strike" at the US, though it would most probably be an attack on South Korea.

Russia is strengthening its support of Assad, which the US wants to bomb due to threats of chemical weapons. With a quick-to-the-trigger attitude of Trump driving the country’s foreign policy, every single one of these areas are flash points that can trigger war.

Let us just hope that such an eventuality is confined to the realms of fiction. However, as Trump's foreign policy continues to alienate and confuse other countries, it is a sure fact that tension between the US, Russia, and China will not disappear.