The border between the Unites States and Mexico faced more drama last week. The events brought back to the American people the idea of building a border wall between the two nations to provide stronger security for the country. Since the beginning of the 20th century, politicians from all walks of life have joined forces while expressing to border agents their intended obligations. Since then, the federal government’s annual spending budget for Border Patrol and USCIS has also dramatically increased, going from $1.5 billion in spending to nearly $19.5 billion over the years.

According to data statistics provided by the nation's most prominent analytical teams, the American government spends $5 billion more on immigration practices and border control compared to all other law enforcement agencies in the U.S. put together. Recent events certainly give Donald Trump several more reasons to consider his construction of a wall between the U.S./Mexico border.

Drug crime carried out with child

Border Patrol arrested two people on Tuesday after agents found cocaine concealed in their car. The couple got caught with the illicit narcotic while traveling along the Salton Sea with their son in the car. The child was said to only be five years in age. The pair traveled north with their small child in their 2007 Jeep Commander on Saturday.

As they drove along Highway 86 in California, they were pulled over by Border Patrol agents at a South Salton City border checkpoint.

In an online press conference, Border Patrol stated that one of their canine officers discovered an unknown object located under the vehicle while an agent briefly interrogated the driver.

Law enforcement investigated the vehicle and uncovered six packages of drugs wrapped in plastic, and concealed inside the seat where the driver was sitting.

Altogether, officers found nearly 15 pounds of cocaine in the seat of the Jeep. According to the Border Patrol agency, the street value of the drugs was estimated to be near $218,250. The man is a citizen of Mexico, and so is his wife and son. All three people were forwarded over to the DEA along with the evidence confiscated from them.

Sex offender tried to enter into the U.S.

In another event surrounding the U.S./Mexico Border Saturday evening, police officers apprehended three men after they allegedly transitioned across the border in an illegal manner near the city of Ocotillo. A background check revealed that one man was sentenced to over a year and a half in prison for a sexual assault crime he committed in Colorado.

The man is said to be 53-years-old and a citizen of Mexico. He ended up under criminal prosecution after he apparently re-entered the United States following his deportation stemming from his conviction that registered him as a sex offender. Situations like these between the United States and Mexico are valid reasons why America is actively considering the construction of a border wall between the two nations.