America is a country where people from all corners of the world arrive and settle down. They belong to different faiths and cultures and want to live in harmony. However, when there is a crime committed that is attributed to hate, it rings a discordant note.

That is what happened in Seattle a few days after the shooting of two Indian immigrants in Arkansas. CCNN reported that the target was a sikh who is also an American citizen. He was in his driveway and the gunman argued with him, shot him in the arm and fled after ordering him to go back to his country.

The victim was hospitalized and later discharged and the incident has sent the community into a panic. The police and FBI are treating it as a hate crime and carrying out necessary investigation.

The Sikh community in Seattle

The number of Sikhs who reside in Washington is in the region of 50,000 and a great majority of them (nearly 30,000) live in the Kent-Renton area where this incident occurred. Members of the Sikh community have explained that they face the risk of hate crime attacks because of their attire – as per their faith, they must wear turbans and grow beards and these mark them out as different aND susceptible to hate crimes.

FBI is investigating the crime alongside Kent police and has confirmed that it is committed to investigate all cases of crimes that are motivated by hate.

Administration must assure the people

Jasmit Singh is a leader of the Sikh community in Seattle and he has summed up the sentiments of the community by saying that this should be treated as anti-Sikh hate crime to prevent crimes of this nature. He has also added that because they look different, they are being targeted. No one would like to see his loved ones falling victim to hate crimes.

While on the subject, he has drawn a parallel with the past administrations of the Bush and Obama eras. Jasmit Singh has appreciated the swift action and communication that used to be taken in those days and regretted that such response is not forthcoming from the present administration.

Rajdeep Singh of the Sikh Coalition feels that violence against minorities is on the rise following the presidential election and it is necessary to identify hate crimes in a proper manner and take suitable action.