March 24, 2017, turned out to be a delightful day for Democrats and a disappointing day for some Republican party members, as well as the exuberant egos of Donald Trump and his loyal constituents. The failure to repeal and replace Obama care cut like a two edged knife due to a steady, persistent stream of “no votes” from their own party to support its passing.

So close, yet so far away

Some complaints were that the new bill would create higher premiums; some said that it would leave 24 million Americans uninsured, and even more said that the type of replacements they would replace were not in line, or worse than the ones they already had.

Nonetheless, this juxtaposition is set forth under the guise that Obama care is failing—that it is incredibly wrong, and that it is due to implode / explode in the next few years.

Even more magnanimously pompous is Donald Trump's claim that the bill would have passed if some Democrats were on board with this bill to pass the atrociousness of it into existence. Which is something that he neither wanted, and that he knew would never happen due to his seemingly, ominous, trifecta republican stronghold on Congress, the Senate, and the White House.

The proposed action to Repeal and Replace Obama care, being the first significant action on the Republican agenda, during the first one hundred days of Trump's inauguration into office was a doomed, disappointment from the start.

It was set forth on shaky ground from a partisan do-all perspective that couldn't loose. However, factions of political drama from within the Republican party were directly responsible for the bill not passing. Furthermore, instead of executive arrogance being aimed at replacing Obama care for the mere sake of replacing Obama care; Republican interest and ideology would have been better spent on having their “ducks in a row” in an effort to create a feasible, worthwhile healthcare plan for the country as a whole.

Poetic justice rings true

Ding Dong, the bill is dead, is probably the sentiments that Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi had. There was no doubt about the delight they enjoyed for the dismay of the bill not passing. It came as a relief from the damaging effect it would have had on millions of Americans, and a victory for Democratic jurisprudence, despite the flaws that might be present in the existing Obama Health Care Bill.

According to Senator Bernie Sanders analysis of the Trump health care bill not passing: “ This was an extraordinarily important win for working families all over this country, who understood that this so-called health care bill, was not a health care bill, it was a 300 billion dollar tax break for the top two percent and hundreds of millions more in tax breaks for drug companies and the insurance companies.”

In essence, the hard working American families don't want to lose the health care they already have, and on this date, the right-wing agenda was defeated. The focus now remains in staying rigorously proactive in defeating even more right-wing extremest atrocities.