President Donald Trump has consistently done and said things that leave no doubt that he is feeling shocked and overwhelmed by the demands of being the holder of the most powerful office in the world. So why not walk away? Trump is one of those people to whom winning is everything. His fixation on ratings, being number one and being liked is much more important to him than things like daily intelligence briefings. He has no time for such mundane duties when he can travel around giving “Make America Great Again” speeches and stay up until the wee hours of the night starting twitter wars.

Why did Trump run?

Again, it comes down to winning. He has all but conquered the real estate, casino and business worlds over the last few decades. In 2004 he debuted on “The Apprentice” which garnered winning ratings in its time slot, and won several awards including a Primetime Emmy award. See the theme? From business to television, he must win at all costs.

For a personality like that, what would be more attractive than winning the coveted position of President of the United States of America? And for a newcomer in Politics to beat out 16 other career politicians was heady stuff indeed. Trump didn’t necessarily want the work of being President, but more so the title and authority that comes with being the Commander-in-chief.

There is a safety net.

Trump has spent most his life being the CEO and/or owner of major business entities. So being in charge is not new to him. What is brand spanking new is having to govern by committee. Trump is used to telling his subordinates to jump, while they scramble to figure out how high. But the United States government is comprised of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches.

Thankfully, this built-in checks and balances system exists to ensure that no lone rogue can ever come along, usurp all the power, and rule at his own whim and fancy. It is to keep the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Can Trump salvage his controversial presidency?

To win this time around, Trump is going to have to come down from his castle in the sky.

He can no longer play the role of the thin-skinned, easily-insulted prima donna. He is going to have to be willing to learn the basic elementary school lessons of having manners and playing nice with others. He must realize that he cannot bully other world leaders into paying for something, like a wall, anymore than he would stand for another country demanding that he pay for something he doesn’t want. There’s an old saying that there is some good in everyone. By the nature of the job, Trump’s every move is in the spotlight. Everyone hope he succeeds because as the leader goes, so goes the country. Mr. Trump is now front and center, let’s hope he’s ready for his close up.