The American Constitution was not born from some men gathering in a dark room to discuss a new world order as they saw it. In the light of the President #Donald Trump’s executive order for a Moslem ban, we should remember the background for why the Courts have blocked the ban.


The Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 were an important part of American history. The colony they founded is still celebrated today and many seek to trace their roots to these important pioneers. Yet many pretend to forget that in modern terms these Pilgrims would today be considered refugees fleeing from religious persecution in England.

They were not the only group to seek religious freedom in what would become the thirteen British colonies that formed the United States and are remembered in the red and white stripes of Old Glory. This background then provided the basis of the Constitution drawn up by their descendants a century and a half later.

Although much of the American independence movement was based on the taxes as exemplified by the Boston action that some members of the modern Republican Party try to exploit by using the term “Tea Party”, their history of religious persecution was also a major consideration.

Amongst the thirteen colonies were many different Christian denominations and not all were in accordance regarding fundamental religious beliefs.

At some stage they had all suffered religious persecution and none wanted that this to become part of the new country that would come out of the revolt against the British crown.

Fundamental right

For this reason we now find that freedom of religion is enshrined in the American Constitution. This right is considered precious as it is a fundamental part of the freedom that Americans enjoy and which attracts migrants from all over the world.

In fact, we have had proof of how important the American court system regards this right when it blocked the Moslem order as it had infringed a part of the Constitution that goes back to the very origins of the United States of America.

On Inauguration Day President Trump and his Administration swore on the Bible to uphold the Constitution, therefore he should not be shocked or angered that the courts have held him to his word. In basic terms the Constitution is what makes America a Democracy and for this reason must be protected.