On February 1, 2017, this journalist was privileged to dine at GreeKrave, situated in Deer Park on Long Island. This family-owned eatery has garnered rave reviews from its patrons and food critics, and rightfully so. This year, they were nominated for the "Best Gyro on Long Island" in the 2017 "Best of Long Island" competition, which was presented by the Bethpage Federal Credit Union.

Background on GreeKrave

The eatery was founded by a New York City contractor, Spiro, as well as Chris, a Long Island restaurant veteran. They are both Greek-Americans, and they are able to bring authentic Greek dishes to their patrons with a fresh and modern twist to them.

Their motto is "eat Greek, live long," thus complimenting the Mediterranean diet. Their goal is for their food to taste as if it were actually cooked in Greece. They pride themselves on their authentic and high-quality ingredients, consistency, and customer service; moreover, they cater for all special occasions.

A variety of food options at GreeKrave

Particularly impressive at GreeKrave is their eclectic menu, and it's worth mentioning that their service is fast and friendly. Their salads are always top-notch, whether it's a Greek salad, a Krave Special salad, Village salad or "The Healthy Greek." In addition, at GreeKrave, it is pretty hard to compete against their "Yia Yia's Pastichio," which tastes just like Grandma made it.

Equally noteworthy is their "Off The Boat Moussaka," which is fresh and savory. Their biggest specialty is their gyros and signature sandwiches, especially their "Real Greek" pork gyro. They also offer such desserts as baklava (the Greek classic), and galaktobureko (semolina custard in filo), and rice pudding, which is called "rizogalo" in Greek.

The Verdict

In summation, this journalist cannot recommend GreeKrave highly enough. It is the Greek equivalent of Chipotle on Long Island. GreeKrave earns five out of five stars. It is located on 9 Bayshore Road in Deer Park, New York 11729. Check it out for yourself.