President Donald Trump's largest platform for his campaign werte his views on immigration into The United States. So far he has been loud in his chants about building a wall and keep out many individuals from entering into this country. Activists are preparing to fight the idea that immigrants and illegal workers are actually a detriment to this country.

There have been two leaked memos that the Washington Post and Vox have obtained. One of these memos is asking for stricter rules and regulations that would be targeting low-income immigrants who use federal benefits.

These stricter rules could change work related visas in the United States.

Whats' happening

On Tuesday, Senator Tom Cotton and David Perdue, who are both Trump supporters, introduced a RAISE Act.This act would cut the number of family-based green cards each year in half. The numbers would go from 1,000,000 to 500,000. Cotton wants to shift immigration to being more economy-based than family-based systems. Cotton said that the president was positive with this economy-based system however the White House has not endorsed his specific bill.

Pro-Immigration groups are extremely concerned about more restrictions being added to legal immigration. Trump needs to decide whether he should seek an overall reduction in immigration and worker visas.

This decision places him in an uncomfortable position between pro immigration groups and groups who want stricter immigration laws. Trumps inner circle of nationalist advisors believe that immigrants take native born workers jobs , depress wages, and fail to assimilate into the communities they reside in. However. trumps business friends feel that the country needs to seek more talent from abroad and bring in younger workers to boost the economy as the native-born population of workers age.

Essentially congress holds the power to put limits on free cards and visas, yet Trump has options to slow down or reduce immigration at the margins. Trump's executive order blocking travel from seven majority Muslim countries blocked green card holders before the Muslim House stated that they could enter the country.

Trump must decide wether to please his business friends or his anti immigration advisors...