On February 24, pop mega-star Ariana Grande played a show at Madison Square Garden in New York, as part of her "Dangerous Woman" headlining tour. Her show was divided into four acts, and she underwent five outfit changes over the course of the evening. Songstress Victoria Monet and all-girl group Little Mix served as her opening acts at The Garden, and they were both able to warm up the stage for Grande.

Grande's set-list

Grande opened her set with "Be Alright," and it was followed by "Everyday" and "Bad Decisions," where her voice was pure as the driven snow.

Equally powerful was "Let Me Love You." She was backed by a talented cast of dancers.

After "Knew Better, Part II," she serenaded her fans to "Forever Boy" and her signature song "One Last Time," prior to belting out "Touch It" and "Leave Me Lonely." Her stage presence and elaborate set production was evident throughout the night.

"Side to Side" was a fan-favorite vocal, and the same was true for "Bang Bang." Her fans got a little "Greedy" when confetti was dropping in the venue in the form of small counterfeit dollar bills (which featured Grande's face on them). She went on to introduce the song "I Don't Care" to her fans, prior to her band joining her on stage.

She continued with "Moonlight" and her smash hit singles such as "Love Me Harder" and "Break Free," both of which received an enormous amount of attention from her fans.

She continued with such tunes as "Thinking Bout You" and a piano-driven "Jason's Song (Gave It Away)," where a special music guest accompanied her on piano. The songstress concluded her lengthy set with her popular hit "Problem," as well as "Into You," prior to returning for an encore performance of her Grammy-nominated vocal "Dangerous Woman," which garnered her a standing ovation from the Madison Square Garden audience.


In summation, Ariana Grande was able to delight at Madison Square Garden with her "Dangerous Woman" tour stop. Her entire production deserves a round of applause, and her vocals were spot-on. Her concert garnered an A rating.