The first full day of Donald Trump’s Presidency saw a huge turnout to the National Women's March against his election. Two days later the country then saw President Trump sign the Anti-Abortion executive order which will surely see further protests in protection of Women’s Rights. Today saw another decision which will surely give rise to further protests.

Environmentalists on the march?

Today President Trump signed an executive order to ease restrictions on the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. Both these protests were the subject of protests by environmentalists and Indian tribes in the past.

The protests eased after action by Barak Obama last month, but now that they are once more on the table for future construction and the opponents will surely return to their previous activities.

Although these steps were expected from the new President, the fact that three such controversial subjects were the subject of executive orders in the first four days of the new Administration begs the question whether or not they were meant to raise protests.

What sort of Presidency?

Nobody had any doubt that the Trump Presidency would be controversial. In fact, yesterday’s deposition to the Supreme Court by lawyers questioning the President’s status according to the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution added another cause of the issues of discord.

While any President deserves to be given a chance to put his agenda into action, these first four days make us wonder whether or nor his Presidency will be marked by protests and court actions, or by other more solid achievements. Only time will give us the answer.