With today’s executive order by President #Donald Trump to allow the Keystone XL and Dakota Access to proceed to proceed are not only the cause of probable protests by environmental groups. The statement by the President that he will ensure that only American steel be used on the projects raises questions about the regulations for the future.

More jobs to come

The newly installed President did not hide his satisfaction at the decision. Not only was it another step in removing the Barak Obama’s legacy, he also considered it a step towards his aim of creating more jobs in the United States.

Naturally this was the reason for his insistence that only American steel be used. Yet this declaration of intention also makes us wonder how it will be done.

Naturally the only way that this comes to pass is for the steel used to be inspected independently to ensure that the contractors follow instructions. It then becomes natural to ask whether such regulations need be put into place before the work can resume.

Profitable or not?

The other question raised is also that of project costs. Will the insistence on American stele mean increased costs for the pipelines? If so, will the projects still be feasible within the previous cost estimates and therefore profitable for the contractors.

As with all swift decisions, we must wait and see whether such considerations were made before signing the executive orders, or whether once again a decision was made on the run without considering all the consequences,