President Obama extended his hand in gratification to his support system, as well as the American people. He reflected on his 8-year journey as our president. He expressed how the journey was not easy, neither was it amicable, but much progress has been made throughout the years, such as affordable healthcare for the world and marriage equality. He also reflected on the racial issues that encompass our society as whole.

True enough, America has come a long way

However, in the reflection of racism, we are nowhere near where we could be as a society.

Daily, we are still dealing with the negative effects of racism in our society. These effects have driven us so far back into history that we as Americans have lost our way. Shameless acts of terrorism towards race has been an infringement to our society as a whole. In the address, President Obama quotes a line from Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” in which he quoted “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” President Obama expressed that we as a society should have empathy towards one another, not only for Blacks and other minorities but also for the Whites. We don’t know each other’s struggles.

However, empathy compasses all morality

President Obama has not only extended empathy in race but also through all walks of life. Just because our walk of life is different from someone else doesn’t justify judgment, but instead should help us to show more compassion. He ends his address with optimism towards our future, offering up words of encouragement to bring about change.

Through his presidential journey, he has always stood behind progression, not regression. His progression was not perfection, however, persistence will always be more important than perfection.

President Obama has kept his promises

President Obama's campaign slogan was "Yes we can" and "Forward". He said “Yes we can” and we did and he wanted to “move us forward” and we have moved forward as a nation and progressed. In my final words, the past eight years have been very trying for a nation, however, He has handled it with grace and competence. I would like to say “Job well done Mr. President,” now take a bow.