Mongolia is a landlocked country sandwiched between Russia and china. At one time the likes of Genghis Khan had swept that part of the world but now the country is confined by its two big neighbors. The Americans have shown just a cursory interest in this landlocked nation dictated by a fear of China. Maybe things will change with the advent of Donald Trump. Mongolia is a Buddhist nation and recently it invited the Dalai Lama to a prayer meeting. This incensed the Chinese to whom the Dalai Lama is something akin to persona non grata. They decided to act and throttled all goods from China to Mongolia.

Modi steps in with LOC

The Indian prime minister had earlier as part of his outreach visited Mongolia, the first ever by an Indian prime minister. He had also given a $1 billion line of credit to Mongolia. This angered China. After the Chinese blockade, Modi went into the act and decided to help Mongolia use the $1 billion line of credit and buy essential goods. Mongolia has a long historical connection with India - the Buddha the founder of Buddhism was born in India and Buddhism spread from India to Tibet, China, Japan and Mongolia from India. The Mongols follow the Mahayana school of Buddhism which is similar to the religion followed by the people in the Indian state of Ladakh. Modi decided to call the Chinese bluff which in an editorial was said that if the Chinese could take on the USA (like capturing their drone from the high sea) they could easily take on India.

Modi was, however, undeterred.

India and Mongolia

India and China are the big players in Asia and China is cultivating Pakistan. Probably for that reason, Modi reached out to Mongolia which has been sending its soldiers for training to Indian military schools. Mongolia landlocked between Russia and China, is in an unenviable position and Donald Trump must focus on this state in Central Asia.

The Indian have been cultivating Mongolia for last three decades but it is only under Modi that the Chinese bluff has been called.With a restive Tibet on its south and Mongolia in the North, the Chinese are vulnerable and Donald must realize that these people and Asians look up to Donald to rectify the wrongs of history.