When “Horizon Zero Dawn” was first announced, I remember saying to myself “Wow, this game looks great” (although admittedly with a plethora of expletives to rival a Tarantino film). Simply put, it was the only game that year’s E3 revealed that I was genuinely interested in. What’s more, it was a game my non-gaming wife said, “Well, that looks cool." Again, I followed that statement with many more expletives in a positive manner.

Some games just make you excited

To quickly fill you in, “Horizon Zero Dawn” is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title developed by Guerrilla Games.

In it, players will assume the role of the fiery redhead named Aloy. Players will help her progress through a post-apocalyptic world ruled by robotic creatures simply known as “Machines."

Aloy’s survival is dependent upon players defeating these creatures and using vital components from them for crafting purposes. Utilizing varied methods to stop these creatures in exciting, ways. Added to this, players will be able to experience the world of Horizon Zero Dawn through a dynamic open world with night and day cycles, as well as interact with NPCs through a dialogue wheel.

The gameplay shown, the trailers released, and press kits have given gamers every reason in the world to be excited for this upcoming exclusive PlayStation 4 title.

Now we have an entirely new trailer to watch (and inevitably, through anger), cross off days on our calendar until the game eventually arrives.

New trailer reveals sparse information, but I’m okay with that

The new trailer gives us a few more bits of info concerning the game. For example, we see more allies, more villains, and an impressive display of the environments we will be able to explore.

It of course raises a few extra questions, as far as what we can expect from the overall narrative, but we know the answers are coming sooner rather than later. “Horizon Zero Dawn” is currently slated for a February 2017 release in North America. I for one cannot wait to discover the world of Aloy.