Donald won the election fair and square. However, a reading of the mainstream media will give the impression that the United States is in turmoil and the entire nation is unhappy with Donald's victory. This is far from the truth, yet media sites like the Huffington Post continue to chant that Donald is a serial liar. One may well ask the editors of the 4th estate whether in American politics there are any truthful people like Gandhi? Again, the media must answer as to how Donald won if he had no support. The millions that voted for him must feel insulted.

An analogy

There are a lot of similarities between the election of Narendra Modi and Trump. Modi won and the mainstream media was shocked and surprised. They sided with the defeated Congress party and began insinuating a host of things. They talked about him being a killer, man against secularism, and a wife deserter. The press was egged on by the defeated opponents.

In a similar fashion, the men who had written with disdain about Donald have now ganged up by giving prominence to lurid tales about him and insinuating that he was a Russian stooge. In addition, the previous president Obama tried his best to box in the US president by way of executive decisions. The effort is to cage Donald and limit him.

Mass hysteria

Many American citizens of prominence have been shouting that Donald is not their president. This is extremely divisive news and opponents like Madonna have said that they want to blow up the White House. Later, she said the words were taken out of context. Whatever it may be, a mass hysteria is built up against Donald Trump.

The effort is to delegitimize his victory. This does not bode well for the future. Donald will remain the president for at least 4 years, barring impeachment.


By making wild allegations about his Russian connection the press and his opponents are hoping he will be impeached. Little do these demonstrators realize that they are destroying the USA from within. I wonder how Hillary could have been a better president with all the scandals surrounding her. Donald is a resilient man and one hopes he can weather the storm.