Donald Trump says that the 2016 election is rigged. Bernie Sanders said the primary was rigged. President Obama has in the past said that elections were rigged, just as Hillary Clinton has. Al Gore went as far as to file a lawsuit claiming the Presidency was stolen from him in 2000. Normally when you get that many people from different positions at different times complaining about the same thing, it does exist.

America the envy of the world

America was built on a democratic system where every vote cast was sacred having to be counted to ensure the validity and value of all the others.

The lives of Americans have in the past been the envy of the world. We had security, prosperity, and personal items that people in other countries envied but could not obtain for whatever reason.

Our vote was what they wanted most, to be able to have a say in what happened inside their countries borders. Those same borders are being essentially ignored by our current administration along with “Sanctuary Cities” all over the country. People the world over want to come here, some for freedom, some to do us harm, and some who should not, actually cast votes.

No greater value than a vote

Absolutely nothing is more valuable than our votes. We should attack voter fraud, election fraud with the same vigor that we launched a war on drugs that has resulted in billions of dollars being spent, and much of that money spent unwisely.

We should be just as outraged that a vote was stolen as we were with the things Donald Trump said, or the things Hillary Clinton did, but cannot remember.

Somewhere along the way we have allowed these election manipulating politicians to devalue our votes much like monopolizing companies do completion to eliminate them. The risk has been worth the reward to these people, whatever they gained far out valued the small fines, or short-time before people just lost interest and it just goes away.

Few have ever been severely punished, and that maybe the problem.

Votes, the foundation of freedom

Our vote is the foundation that America rests on, without we crumble.

We should hold anyone found guilty of election violations to very severe consequences. One single violation and that person should be banned from all political activities of any kind for life. Their vote would be their only input in the future.

I would not be opposed to holding election crimes to the same standards as treason. In reality, election crime should be treason as it takes from each and every American by reducing the importance of their votes. Anyone that would be a part of election crime is not only a criminal, they are a traitor of the worst kind. Many have died to give each of us the right and privilege to vote todetermine our future.