NASA's recorded data for the first six months in 2016 revealed a startling trend: each month in 2016 had been the warmest recorded in the modern era. Accurate climate records around temperature have been kept since 1880. New data from the United Nations has confirmed what NASA had already observed: August is quite simply the hottest month ever recorded. It is basically tied with July for this dubious honor.

Globally, temperatures in the current day are roughly2.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 1.3 degrees Celsius warmer than they had been during the late 19th century.

2.4 degrees might not seem like a huge level of rising but due to the complex balance of life on Planet Earth, the consequences of this trend could be extremely detrimental to many forms of life. World leaders are being urged to take on the human impact our global business communities are generating.

Take a stand with the environment

Without action to address the proliferation of greenhouse gasses and other environmental toxins in our atmosphere, survival for future generations is being challenged. The time has come for sensible governments around the world to reel in their industrial pollution and create meaningful policies aligned with principles of sustainability and ecology. Putting these decisions off for future generations runs the risk of allowing our hubris to be the death ours and so many other species.

We have the capacity as an increasingly technologically experienced civilization, to make choices which can address and even reverse some of the damage caused by wide scale industrial pollution. No one country is to blame. The world is a global community and it will take a communal approach to solve these problems. While it may be true, we can never know what our neighbors are doing down the street or on the other side of the world, by making the right choices and setting the right precedents, we can set the stage for the transformation that needs to take place.

Stand up for climate change policy

The Earth is warming. The science is very clear. The time has come to take up the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement. Many signed. The time has come to act on those signatures. For nations not involved, now is the time to become involved in the work that will bring our species peacefully into the future. Without action all life on Planet Earth is threatened. Urge your leaders to address climate change!