Many young ladies are anxious about becoming a Mother andthey visualize scenes from the epic Home Alone movie, where raising up kids was portrayed as agonizingly painful. It is a burden they feel is unnecessary, given the constantly changing roles of women. Other young women, especially in the West, are of the opinion that motherhood is imposed by a male-dominated society.

How society affects our views on motherhood

They view pregnancy as nature’s justification for inequality, “how on earth would I have to carry an 8-pound baby on behalf of a macho man who doesn’t even feel a pinch or kick?” said one.

They cannot imagine strapping a baby on their chest, cleaning up the poos from a stinking ‘bum bum’ and waking up in the middle of the night to attend to a cry of a baby..

The sophistications and the over-bearing body-shaming culture propagated by the society make the prospects of becoming a Mother an illusion, rather than a celebration in advance for nature’s precious gift. Women go through biological changes after childbirth, and many would have to embark on dieting and exercise to return to the ‘sweet sixteen’ structure in order to become fit, agile and strong. Early years of being a mother can also be tough, especially if they are endowed with restless, constantly hungry babies who demand a kot of attention to stop crying.

Life can be even more miserable for a single mother. Despite the supposedly gloomy picture being painted, there are wonderful reasons for being a mother. Research has shown that the emotional attachment that exists between mother and child is stronger and it lasts longer than any other relationship throughout our lifetime. The feeling of joy after giving life to a baby brings satisfaction derived from the social construct of being a ‘mother’ and cannot be overlooked.

Motherhood is fun if it isplanned and done under the right circumstances.

Functional and Dysfunctional roles of Mothers

In a society shifting away from the traditional definition of marriage as the union between two opposite sexs, it will be interesting to know how we can substitute the joy of motherhood for those who are not mothers by nature.

We can influence nature by making use of scientific means to change our way of life, but we may not reconstruct the psychological feeling produced by natural course. It is not just the psychological feeling that makes motherhood an admirable status, it is, in fact, the social definition of a mother.

Mothers are regarded as kind, loving, and caring molders or custodians of destinies. However, cases of mothers who kill, runaway mothers, and the transfer of immoral values and negative personality traits can be dysfunctional when bringing up responsible children. Regardless of what we define motherhood to be, seeing that little boy or girlbrought into the world, grow under your watch to become a father or mother, an executive of a multinational company or a football star mst be wonderful. I love my mother and I’m proud to have one - sweet mother I will never forget you. Love to all mothers.