With the arrival of ten thousands of immigrants in Europe, also arrive the religious restraints of Islam.Some Muslim women in Belgium made a formal complaint because they were not allowed in the pool wearing a burqini. This is a type of swimsuit very common in Muslim countries that cover both the body and the head. They claim that because of the freedom of religion they should be allowed to wear this swimsuit. Since this was against the pool regulations, they were not allowed to enter the pool.

The burqini originally is a design of an Australian designer with Lebanese roots Aheda Zanetti.

It was created because some Muslim women wanted to join to rescue teams on the beach and where not allowed because of their clothing restrictions.

How far stretches the freedom of religion? Did they not flee their home countries to escape the terror of extreme Muslim organizations limiting their freedom? According to Shirin Musa, activist and director of “Femmes for Freedom”, the burkini emphasizes the inferiority of women created by men and Muslim women should not accept it.

It is not the first time that lawsuits have been fought about the right to wear the traditional Muslim clothes for women and this is in fact a very delicate matter. Does the freedom of religions allows Muslims to bring their customs to the western world or should they adapt to our way of live ?

French president Sarkozy stated in 2009 that this is not how we perceive the dignity of women : “In our society man and women are equal.”

Even in the Middle East is not everywhere the custom to wear a burqa, only in the very strict religious countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, no women is allowed on the street without the traditional clothing.

It is said that it if for their own protection, to prevent men from looking to their bodies, although this is not literally stated in the Koran.

In fact it is a huge invasion of women rights. Ironically, at this moment Saudi Arabia at this moment is leading the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.