Until recently, Jason Ravnsborg was the attorney general of South Dakota, the state's highest-ranking law enforcement official, making his poor decision-making and subsequent serious legal problems even more notable.

As it stands, Ravnsborg's political career is effectively over. But in the grand scheme, that seems rather low on the list of importance. But it does have a significant impact on the State of South Dakota. Stemming from a series of incidents in 2020 and attempts to cover them up, that included a man's death.

Ravnsborg was impeached and convicted by the State Legislature

Jason Ravnsborg has been removed from office as the South Dakota attorney general, reports the Associated Press. Like the vast majority of the South Dakota Legislature, Ravnsborg is a Republican. But his actions were too much to take for legislators on either side of the aisle.

In 2020, while driving, Ravnsborg struck and killed a man named Joseph Boever. In an ensuing 911 call, Ravnsborg claimed that he thought he might've hit a deer. But evidence later indicated that the attorney general had already seen he'd hit a person by then. Including Boever's broken glasses being found in Ravnsborg's car.

An investigation would also uncover that he'd been using two different cell phones while driving.

Ravnsborg eventually admitted that he'd been distracted while operating his vehicle.

Ravnsborg pled no contest to two charges against him following the collision. It was far from the first time he'd gotten in trouble over traffic safety violations. Before the fatal incident, he'd been cited a combined eight times between the States of South Dakota and Iowa, followed by another one afterward.

Patience had run out for the attorney general. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, also a Republican, called for his removal from office. Earlier this year, the South Dakota House of Representatives voted to impeach him. The South Dakota Senate has now voted to convict him, as reported by the Argus Leader. That was quickly followed up with a vote to bar Ravnsborg from holding future office that also passed.

Ravnsborg had previously withdrawn from his re-election campaign. Former State Attorney General Marty Jackley has emerged as the favorite to win the race instead.

His military career has also been halted

Jason Ravnsborg is a native of Cherokee in western Iowa. He would graduate from the University of South Dakota and the University of South Dakota School of Law.

Afterward, Ravnsborg clerked for a Minnesota judge and joined a private law firm, eventually becoming a partner. In addition, he became a deputy state's attorney in Union County in southeastern South Dakota.

In 2014, he ran for the Republican nomination for one of South Dakota's United States Senate seats. Former Governor Mike Rounds would win the nomination and later the general election.

At the same time, Ravnsborg finished in a distant fifth place. He was more successful in 2018, winning the state's attorney general race.

Along the way, Jason Ravnsborg has also been an officer in the United States Army. He'd been deployed to serving the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War. Decorations he received include the Bronze Star and the Meritorious Service Medal.

Ravnsborg's military career had seemed to be going very well. He currently holds the rank of lieutenant colonel and was slated for a promotion to colonel. That was delayed following the fatal 2020 incident. Ravnsborg remains a member of the Army, but his potential prospects are much bleak.