The State of Oklahoma recently found itself in need of a second United States Senate election in 2022. It was already slated to have one. However, the retirement announcement from Senator Jim Inhofe triggered another one.

Such news is likely to drum up interest in many potential candidates. This particular case does not seem to be an exception. The field of prospective successors to Inhofe already includes at least one other member of Congress.

Markwayne Mullin puts himself in the mix

United States Representative Markwayne Mullin runs for the U.S.

Senate, reporting The Frontier and The Gazette. Mullin currently holds a seat in the United States House of Representatives from the 2nd District of Oklahoma. The district is located in the eastern region of the state. A Republican, Mullin is frequently associated with the party's far-right wing. He's a member of the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Mullin was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012. Longtime Democratic incumbent Dan Boren was not running for re-election. Mullin has been elected another four times since then.

Markwayne Mullin is a member of the Cherokee Nation. He's one of four active U.S. representatives also known to be citizens of Native American Nations.

The others include his fellow Oklahoma Republican, Tom Cole. Currently, the ranking member of the House Rules Committee, Cole, is part of the Chickasaw Nation. A fifth, Deb Haaland, left the House last year to become U.S. interior secretary.

At least two other candidates have also put their name forward in the Republican primary for the Senate seat.

For his part, Inhofe had already endorsed who gets the party's nomination. So instead, he would throw his support behind his chief of staff, Luke Holland.

State Senator Nathan Dahm has also entered the race. Some other candidates, including both Republicans and Democrats, are expected yet to announce their candidacies.

Mullin is a former radio show host

Markwayne Mullin and his family have been involved in several different business pursuits, including but not limited to plumbing and farming.

Mullin graduated from high school in Stilwell, Oklahoma. He went on to attend Missouri Valley College. Eventually, he received an associate degree from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in construction technology.

For a time, Mullin hosted a radio show entitled "House Talk," geared toward home improvement. The show was syndicated across Oklahoma. Its flagship station was what was then KFAQ in Tulsa. The station has since been re-designated as KTSB and features sports talk radio programming.