Republican U.S. Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina is not running for re-election in 2022. The open Senate race is expected to be one of the most competitive of the election cycle.

High-profile potential candidates have been expressing interest in taking a run at the seat on both the Republican and the Democratic sides. Among the official candidates is now U.S. Representative Ted Budd.

Officially launches campaign

Ted Budd is formally running for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate. As reported by Roll Call and The Hill, Budd announced a video posted online.

A rather eclectic one at that. He involved a monster truck, and he is referring to shoveling manure on his family's farm.

Budd becomes the third Republican to enter the primary. He joins former Governor and Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory and the former U.S.

Representative Mark Walker. There are currently five candidates in the Democratic primary. Among them is former North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley. As well as current State Senator Jeff Jackson and former State Senator Erica D. Smith.

Outgoing Senator Richard Burr is linked to the moderate wing of the Republican Party. At present, he's the ranking member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. In the past, he chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Before being joining the Senate, he was a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Pundits have generally classified the 2022 North Carolina U.S. Senate race as a tossup. However, the Republican nominee would seem to have an advantage, at least, to begin with. In any event, the seat is one of the top targets by Democrats.

Budd represents the 13th District of North Carolina

Ted Budd won his seat in the United States House of Representatives in North Carolina's 13th District. The District includes Greensboro and the Charlotte area. He was first elected to the House in 2016. The previous representative from the District was Republican George Holding.

After a re-districting, Holding chose to instead run in a different district. Specifically the 2nd District of North Carolina. Holding was ultimately successful that year and once more afterward. He has since retired from Congress.

After first winning his first general election, Budd has been subsequently re-elected twice. He hadn't before held a public office. Budd has a background and business. He also resides at the same farm that he referenced shoveling manure at in his youth.

Unlike Burr, Budd is more connected with the far-right wing of the party. He's currently a member of the House Committee on Financial Services.