Legislative sessions have been considered to be high-risk for the spread of COVID-19. They tend to involve gatherings of people in a relatively confined space. Things that don't go well together with a global pandemic. A recent speight of COVID-19 cases among Mississippi state legislators is an example of what can happen.

At the federal level, rules were recently put in place regarding U.S. Representatives wearing face coverings. These rules only pertain to the House of Representatives, not the Senate. But by the time the rules were introduced, some members of Congress apparently already infected.

Three confirmed cases in one week

At least three U.S. Representatives announced that they've tested positive for COVID-19 in a single week. CNN reports that they are two Republicans and one Democrat. All of them are veteran members of the body.

The Democrat amongst them is Raul Grijalva. Grijalva currently represents Arizona's 3rd District, found in the southwestern region of the state. He's also the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee. Grijalva indicated that he believes he got the novel Coronavirus from a colleague of his. The first one to test positive among the three.

That being Louis Gohmert, one of the two Republicans recently testing positive. Although in the same party, the two seem to have very differing views on COVID-19.

Gohmert, who has a long history of being controversial, has often belittled fears of COVID-19. He reportedly criticized members of his staff for wearing face coverings. And he puzzled many when he tried to insinuate he some got the virus by wearing one. Gohmert represents the 1st District of Texas in the state's eastern region.

Rodney Davis is the other Republican. Davis has stressed taking the novel coronavirus seriously. He has encouraged his staff and constituents to wear masks and take other precautions. Davis also had harsh words regarding Gohmert's behavior. 'Don't be stupid,' Politico reports he told fellow Republicans.

Where Davis got it from is unknown.

His communications director said he hadn't been in contact with Gohmert or Grijalva. His office has reportedly been contacting constituents that he met with in recent days. Davis represents the 13th District of Illinois, based in central areas of the state.

Other members of Congress have had it in the past

These three are not the first among their peers know to have COVID-19. The novel coronavirus has been hitting Congress in a bipartisan fashion. On the Republican side, there had been at least three U.S. Representatives previously. Florida's Mario Diaz-Balart, Virginia's Morgan Griffith, and Pennsylvania's Mike Kelly. For the Democrats, there for sure two, probably at least three. Utah's Ben McAdams and South Carolina's Joe Cunningham were confirmed cases.

There's also been New York's, Nydia Velazquez. She said she received a diagnosis of 'presumed coronavirus infection.'

COVID-19 has also been found in both parties in the Senate. One was Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky. Another was apparently Democrat Tim Kaine of Virginia. The former vice presidential nominee announced that he'd tested positive for the antibodies stemming from COVID-19.