Donald Trump is a very polarizing figure. Inside and out of the Republican Party. This has helped lead to a number of challengers launching primary campaigns against him.

A primary challenge against an incumbent office-holder is usually a daunting prospect. It hasn't been much different for challengers making their case against Trump. But for one of them, his campaign just got a boost.

Phil Scott throws his support behind Weld

Phil Scott, the Republican governor of Vermont, announced his support for Bill Weld in for the Republican presidential nomination.

Newsweek noted that Scott had indicated he was open to backing someone other than Trump in May of 2019.

Scott has been a high-profile critic of Trump in the past. To the extent that he publicly supported Trump being removed from office during the recent impeachment process. He agreed with the charge of abuse of power that was leveled against Trump.

Bill Weld's career includes being elected governor of Massachusetts twice and serving as a U.S. Attorney. In 2016, he was the vice-presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party.

According to Politico, Scott is the Republican governor currently serving to oppose Trump's re-election publicly. At least two former Republican governors also oppose him.

They are Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey and Gary Johnson of New Mexico. The latter of which was Weld's running mate in 2016. At least five former Republican members of Congress have also publicly announced support for Weld. They include Tom Petri of Wisconsin, Jim Leach of Iowa, and William F. Clinger Jr. of Pennsylvania.

Scott is a former champion racing driver

Scott is currently in his second term as governor, winning his most recent election handily. He previously won three times as lieutenant governor, having won the last two in blowouts. Before this, he served in the Vermont Senate for a decade, representing a district in north-central Vermont.

Scott is currently a candidate for re-election in the 2020 Vermont gubernatorial election.

In the past, he was co-owner and president of a contracting company. But he might still be better known as a competitive racing driver in a number of series, even after entering politics. Scott won several championships, including the 2002 American Canadian Tour Late Model Championship.

Since becoming governor, Scott's racing opportunities have been more limited. But they haven't necessarily disappeared altogether. In 2019, he notched a win at Thunder Road International SpeedBowl, located near his birthplace of Barre, Vermont.

Scott is a graduate of the University of Vermont in Burlington. He holds a degree in industrial education.